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I haven't posted for a few days, so I thought I'd better.

I'm still working on the post-election official count, now special votes, and tomorrow is the last day. Then I'll have to ring the agencies again to try to get a contract. Now we have the Rich Bastard's Party National back in power, perhaps business confidence will go up and they'll start employing again. It would be nice to have a silver lining.

It was our anniversary yesterday so we went out for Thai, and very nice too. Lucky we'd got over Saturday's hangover. :-P

And in kitten news: Jasmin and Vic are now playing, which is a relief as I was a bit worried that if something happens to Claudia (who does have kidney disease) we'd have to get another cat as company for her. This is great though because the girls always shut Vic out and at last he'll have a playmate too. I have yet to see them cuddle, but I've found Jasmin and Claudia snuggled together a few times. :-) She's settling in very well, and follows me around like Tessa used to. We haven't let her out yet though as she doesn't yet come consistently when called.

Tags: real life
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