Nico (vilakins) wrote,

Welcome, Jasmin!

We got our new kitten, Jasmin, on Sunday. She was very scared when we got her home, never having been in a car, or away from her litter mates and her mother before, but at least she was eating and using the litter (though not always) which was a good sign; some kittens go off their food. She spent the night in our bedroom, but mainly behind some of my clothes on a shelf. She explored yesterday and met both cats (Claudia being unimpressed as I expected; it took her two weeks to get to love Tessa) and Vic being quite interested). By evening she was feeling relaxed enough to purr when I cuddled her, and to play with a knitting needle.

Last night she was on my pillow, and in the morning had a snuggle under my chin. She had a big game of tubes after breakfast (like all our cats, she loves playing with a length of computer cable with the wires removed) and I even got an action shot!

When we arrived at Patsy's, her opal-eyed Bengal boy, Jonta, greeted us. We had to stop and admire him and stroke his fur.

Jonta on a climbing platform

A shot showing his spotted coat.

Patsy has two miniature horses, so I took a picture for those I know will be interested.

Jasmin over Patsy's shoulder as she says goodbye. Her eyes are golden, but the stripes on Patsy's shirt are reflected in them. :-)

Action Jasmin! I had the tube in one hand and the camera in the other, and this was the best of a blurry lot!

Tags: animals, cats, jasmin
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