Nico (vilakins) wrote,

Elections and cats

I'm working at a polling place on election day (8 November) and last night I went to a paid training session.

Here everyone gets two votes: one for a candidate in their electorate, and the other for a party. The winning candidates get seats in parliament, and parties get extra seats (if they get enough votes) to make up the distribution in the party vote.

Anyway, for vote count training, we used fictional candidates, and parties too, like the Fabian and Transubstantiation Parties. What we do is pass the votes round a table, keeping only the ones each person is counting. For party votes, I was assigned... the Free Trade Party (Jenna!) and, yes, the Freedom Party. Free Trade got three votes last night, but the Freedom Party got none. Sorry, Blake. Must be because all your supporters were gunned down at their rally.

And since we're on the subject of elections, here are two promotional vids for the feline candidate, Ginger, done by those guy who made An Engineer's Guide to Cats.

An Engineer's Guide to Voting (Ginger Cat for President)
An Engineer's Guide to Voting T-shirts

Tags: cats, geekery, links, nz
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