Nico (vilakins) wrote,

Travis 1 sighting

I'm still enjoying UKTV but I've pretty much stopped watching Minder which was made about the same time as B7. The characters are engaging but they and the plots have become too predictable for me. Greg's still recording and watching them though, and he keeps an eye out for any actors I'd be interested in seeing. Last night he spotted Stephen Greif's name in the opening credits so I watched. He played the part of a bent screw--and before some people get excited, that's a crooked prison warder. I've now seen both Traves on it (Brian Croucher was a bouncer) with a full complement of eyes, a suspected Vinni, and a very young pre-nose job Marina Sirtis with a Cockney accent which I think is native; she's London Greek.

Tags: tv
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