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Tiger cubs and happy Vila

These two things are unconnected, but I bet tiger cubs would make Vila happy.

Remember the tiger cubs I drew from a newspaper photo last month for naarmamo? There's a photo of them in this week's City Scene. Their eyes are still really blue, and they have pink little mouths; so cute. Here's a good photo of their mother Molek. I see her eyes are still quite a cool bluish green.

They have names now. The male cub on the left is named Jalur ("stripes" in Malay), the other male in the middle is Berani ("spirited" or "brave"), and the female on the right is Cinta ("love in Indonesian). They'll be on public display in the next few weeks. I want to see them! And I still haven't had my longed-for cheetah encounter there either.

And here's a photo someone got signed by Michael Keating for me at Aftermath. [bounce] The actual one will be sent later. I'm delighted with it because it's the first one I'll have where Vila is happy. Smiling photos of him are so rare; poor Vila. Tarrant and Dayna look happy too.

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