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Five more Ts, this time from B7

1. Comment on this post and ask for a letter.
2. I will give you one.
3. Think of 5 fictional characters whose names begin with that letter, and post their names and your comments on these characters in your LJ.

I've already done this meme for the letter T, avoiding Blake's 7 for the extra challenge and novelty, but due to popular request (well, one), here are the five B7 characters I didn't write about.

Travis was an interesting character who despite having a regrettable propensity to mow down civilians and an obsession about Blake, did have some finer nuances to his personality. He was upset at the treatment of Marryatt's family to cover up Servalan's tracks (and it's my fanon that he did something about it), he saved Docholli's life twice, and he was visibly hurt by Chenie's sneers at his "noble nature". I'd love to have seen him actually join the crew in Hostage. As for his deal with the Andromedans, I can't quite grasp that level of revenge.

Tyce is a strong and capable woman who I think would make a far better president than her self-pitying and defeated father. I don't much like the implication in the first part of the episode that she's another of Sarkoff's possessions intended to console him in exile, but her uniform (complete with boots) looks wonderful on her. Some people think she looks odd but I'd kill to look like that. She's played by the wonderfully geographically named Carinthia West. :-)

Tynus is one of Avon's "old friends' who are anything but. I can't imagine Avon getting on with the unctuous creep, but they must have been close enough for Avon to protect him when caught. I doubt that was the crime Avon was sent to Cygnus Alpha for, and there's also Keiller, so I take this as proof that Avon has been a criminal for quite a while, though it might not have been his primary occupation. Going by these two, he doesn't seem to have been very good at choosing either friends or co-criminals. I wonder if Tynus designed the outfits worn on Fosforon: probably, given his interest in insects. Perhaps he would have been happier in the fashion world (if not successful).

Toise seems to be under Krantor's thumb, but I think he was the number two that was trying harder. I like the scene where he's wearing a headdress of such size and magnificence it offends Krantor; he knows how to soothe with compliments while hiding his ambition and doing most of the work. And when Avon and Vila escape with their winnings, Toise forces Krantor to his knees. I'd say Toise ran the joint after that.

Tarrant I was sure was a Federation plant because of his name being only one letter different from Dev Tarrant; it's got to be the same family. I spent most of S3 accumulating proof that he was a double agent, but was eventually forced to admit he wasn't. According to Liberation, he was meant to be one but they changed their minds. Tarrant was a little young for the original role, but he makes a fun and impetuous character who is at his cleverest with the word games in Dawn of the Gods. I hate the way he bullies Vila at the beginning of City and tells him that no one cares because that's so cruel, but in general he was young, brave, handsome, and honourable. A pity that Blake remembered his name too and misjudged him.

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