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First lines meme

Everyone doing it, so I thought I might as well: Post the first sentences from your last 20 stories. Do you see any patterns?

I took it to mean more than one sentence if that was necessary to give some context. And I'm appalled that I haven't written anything for almost two months (except for the story I wrote this week for a fic party on Monday, which isn't included).

  1. Servalan had always counted on her looks and her power, but now she had neither.

  2. It was a quiet evening on the Liberator flight deck. Blake stood commandingly, legs apart, on the bridge (why didn’t anyone call it a bridge?) and lifted his chin to let the soft breeze from the air vents ruffle his curls.

  3. I am her and not her.

  4. "Don't much like the look of that," said Vila.

  5. Vila ducked as the trooper fired, then his eyes widened at the monstrosity coming over the ridge towards them. "Um, you might want to look behind you."

  6. "No!" Hiro stared at the next panel in shock. "That's not supposed to happen!"

  7. Captain Jean-Luc Picard relaxed in his chair as the starfield stabilised on the screen.

  8. Vila used his handkerchief to clear a circle on the shed's dirty window and squashed his nose up against the glass. "It looks all right," he said, "but it's full of boat."

  9. "Will you be all right for a minute?" Cally asked. "I'll be back."

  10. "I'm not going." Vila folded his arms and glowered at them. "Nothing you can say would get me down there."

  11. I saw this vid show about karma a few months ago.

  12. Vila cut his toast into four fingers, then dipped one in his soft-boiled egg. "Troopers, my mum called them."

  13. Tarrant looked at the grey knobbly thing optimistically described by the canteen staff as a dumpling, squatting in a pool of greasy stew. He sighed and put his head in his hands.

  14. "Now open the main locks."

  15. Once upon a time there was a rebel leader called Blake who became unaccountably annoyed with two of his followers when one of them shot him--not once, but three times, because in these stories things tend to happen three times--and the other just stood by and let him.

  16. "I don't know why the girls wouldn't come with us," Vila said, looking around the market. "What'd they mean anyway about it being a minefield and not wanting to be with anyone magnetic?"

  17. "I swear I didn't put those up!" Sarit said quickly.

  18. "That's not fair! I was on weapons!"

  19. Avon stretched his legs out and settled deeper into his brown leather chair as he swirled his port before taking an appreciative sip. He liked the Belhangria Club.

  20. Til Morgen left the freight agent's office, pleased. That had been a very lucrative run and he could afford to stay here for a few weeks and play tourist.
At a rough count, half contain Vila, only two are first person, one is present tense, two aren't B7 characters (but the stories are crossovers), and just over half contain speech.
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