Nico (vilakins) wrote,

Dogging my footsteps

Back in June, I was given cat slippers by the pet supermarket for buying Hills Science Diet for the cats. I was there again today and I got a small pack of freebie biscuits and...

more slippers!

Hey, they were free and I think they're funny. They made me laugh and I really needed that. Greg and I will continue to wear our ugg boots though. Maybe we'll make both pairs visitors' slippers.

Wow, a post that isn't an art post! Well, I haven't been doing much lately but art and reading and watching the Olympics. A TiVo is essential for this so you can FF at a minute a second past all the boring stuff like beach volleyball and the cycling pursuit (however the hell that works) to the interesting stuff like athletics, gymnastics, and diving. Why do they have beach volleyball in the Olympics? And why do they show it for hours on end? For that matter, I have strong objections to a lot of the team sports because they field obscenely highly paid professional players. The events I like best have individuals competing against each other.

For me it's anything in the main athletics stadium, gymnastics, diving, rowing. Which events do you like best?

Ooh, and we've gone up to #17 on the medal table. That's not bad for a country with the population of a small city.

Tags: animals, weirdness
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