Nico (vilakins) wrote,

Day 20 - Vila brings Avon tea

Today's entry for the naarmamo National Art Making Month challenge is a sequel to Space Vila in children's picture book style. van was worried about Avon being sick and Vila laughing, so I assured him that on the next pages, Vila jets over to Avon and helps him to the airlock and brings him a nice cup of tea in bed.

Vila brings Avon tea

See Avon in bed.
See Vila bring Avon tea.
Nice Vila.
That makes up for laughing at Avon when he was sick in his helmet.
See Avon's hooker boots.
See Avon's studded pyjamas.
Avon makes interesting sartorial choices.
See Avon throw a hooker boot at Vila as he leaves.
See Avon miss.
Miss, Avon, miss.
See Avon fall back exhausted on his pillow from Space Sickness.
See Vila come back with a chessboard.
See Avon smile when Vila's not looking.

My NaArMaMo 2008 Gallery is here.

Tags: art making month 2008, blake's 7 - art
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