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Volcano (303)

Not with a whimper, but a bang!

Yes, I'm way behind. Is anyone still interested in these reviews?

And the second prize for the most gratuitous and lame use of not very special ordinary effects goes to Volcano for the running Pyroans. WTH? The first time I saw this, I thought they had limited teleport. What was that about?

A Pyroan victory
I can't stand the Pyroans. Hower is a sanctimonious bastard who is quite happy to raise his son as a potential weapon, and to kill him when he actually fulfils that role--though of course he wouldn't dirty his hands. No, that's what the drinks robot is for. As for the rest of them, they seem to have had any intelligence and sense of self-preservation (or maybe even self) conditioned out of them. And killing all your people (at least Hower does actually push the button) is hardly a peaceful act. Mind you, they seem to have been rather incompetent planet-busters since their bomb was leaking radiation and slowly killing them all. Bit of an own goal there, Hower. I'm surprised that Cally, who objected to restraining a rampaging Gan, could regard suicide as winning. I'm with Vila.

So explain already!
I'm also with Vila in not understanding this little exchange:
AVON : Zen was picking up a signal from the ground. It could have been some kind of beam approach detector.
CALLY: You didn't say anything at the time.
AVON: No, I didn't.
CALLY: Why was that?
AVON: Because I wasn't sure.
CALLY: That wasn't the reason, Avon.
AVON: No, it wasn't.
VILA: You gonna let me in on the secret?
AVON: You wouldn't understand it if we did.
If it was just that Blake might have been there, what wouldn't Vila understand?

The crew
Vila questions Tarrant's background, and I have to wonder whether Avon checked it out. Hower thinks he still sounds like a Space Fleet captain.
I wonder why Vila put a bracelet on Cally. If he hadn't, she wouldn't have teleported. Did he really think she'd be safer on the surface because the ship was being attacked? Not with that lot, she wouldn't.
I do like how Vila bluffed Servalan out of range. I thought he ought to have actually fired on her, but I suppose it was safer to scare her off then have the rest of the ships return fire with just him to deal with it.
And I love Avon and Vila's little scene after Vila's set Avon's arm. They seem easy in each other's company despite how bad things look.

The enemy
Mori and Servalan are fairly predictable, but I did like the matter-of-fact Battle Commander. Not out of the Alpha drawer by his accent, but a competent, tough old warrior.
So Servalan hasn't yet named her successor as Supreme Commander. She seems to continue in that role throughout this season.

Pull to open (see icon)
I confess to noticing that Vila appears to be wearing nothing under his laced-up tunic. Not only that, but Tarrant is using the same fastening system (I do like his padded jerkin though). What possessed them both?
Tarrant laughed. "Going for provocative, Vila?"
"Well, a man can live in hope. Just one tug on each to unwrap the package. Right, Cally?"
Cally did not even look up from her station. "What was that?" she said distractedly.
"'Hope' is the operative word in your case. In mine however," Tarrant said with a blinding grin, "it would be 'certainty'."
"Want to put money on it?"
"One hundred credits. Are any of those bootlaces left?"
Not a bad ep apart from the Pyroans.
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