Nico (vilakins) wrote,

Three-word answer meme

From linda_joyce, a meme where you have to answer in three words. And what's more, it's fairly short and international.

Where is your cell phone? By my desk
Your boyfriend/girlfriend husband/wife? My vulgar Bulgar
Your hair? Auburn, blonde streaks
Where is your father? Six feet under
Cheesecake? Had some yesterday
Your dream last night? Gone like smoke
Your favourite drink? Cup of tea
Your dream car? Hybrid with GPS
The room you're in? Needs tidying up
George Bush? Soon to go!
Nipple rings? Bloody hell, no
Who did you hang out with last night? Greg, of course
What you're not good at? Sport, being bored
Your best friend? Married to me
Student loans? Had two scholarships
Where did you grow up? Lots of places
The last thing you did? Had some coffee
What are you wearing? Jeans, t-shirt, fleece
Ketchup / tomato sauce? No thank you
Your computer? Black and mean
Your life? OK so far!
Your mood? Lazy and mellow
Missing? Not in action
What are you thinking about right now? This, of course
Your car? Is called LIBR8R
Your summer? Five months away
Your relationship status? Married with cats
Your favourite colour? Intense turquoise blue
When is the last time you laughed? At some Pratchett
Last time you cried? After Journey's End
Yesterday, today, tomorrow? Storm, calm, Friday
High school? Three different ones

Tags: meme - me
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