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What I did today

Today I went to the mole map clinic where they mapped a few for future comparison and removed two suspicious ones right then and there under local anaesthetic. One was on my left calf and the other on my right shoulder. I have to go back next week to get the stitches out. Even if they're melanomas, they were small enough to be caught in plenty of time. The clinic had these huge glass backlit pictures on the wall depicting an island (possibly The Island of Lost) at sunset, and at midday, and two waterfalls while the changing light behind then made the water look as if it was rippling or falling. I was... a little disconcerted and asked why. The doctor said the office designer said they were soothing to patients. Me, I spent time trying to work out of the patterns were random or not (not).

When I got home, I found I had: a travel umbrella I'd bought on line; the When Vila met Gan audio I ordered from Horizon complete with Michael Keating's signature and a very miserable photo of S4 Vila (I will scan it tomorrow); and a postcard from kalypso_v on her holiday in France--thank you! :-D I am somewhat nervous about listening to the CD. I've heard it is not just rather crap and that Gan is from Croydon (these two facts possibly connected) but it's not from the B7 universe at all, but the alternate B7E one set 200 years in the future but with contemporary helicopters and police cars. Yes, the same one that will be in the miniseries. Still, it's Michael Keating, so it can't be all bad. Can it?

Then I went out to Mamma Mia with Greg and three others from his work. Meryl Streep as Donna, and her two friends (esp the wonderful Julie Walters) were the best. Pierce Brosnan was a bad choice though; every time he burst into song--looking slightly embarrassed, poor guy--we sniggered. Colin Firth was awkward and sweet; pity there wasn't more of him. For one frightening moment, I thought Egrorian was performing the marriage ceremony. :-P

I am now back home after a very nice fish dinner followed by an amazingly good stem ginger pudding and am going to bed.

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