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Announcing a new Blake's 7 fan fiction archive

Hip Deep in Heroes is a new Blake's 7 fan fiction archive.

It is completely independent of LJ and is not intended to replace anything. b7fic will remain, being an excellent way of keeping up with new fiction via your flist. Rather, the new archive is a successor to the Hermit Library which, as several of us have found, is no longer being updated. Hip Deep in Heroes is intended to be a searchable archive to which any B7 fan can upload stories.


  • Authors (once registered under the name they prefer) upload their own stories, and then have control over them. They may edit them and delete them at any time without anyone else's intervention.

  • You can search stories by season, character or a combination of two characters, rating, genre, and story type etc. All of the story's attributes also appear in the automatically generated header. You can also search for stories by author.

  • You can load longer stories in chapters.

  • You can create series of stories, either exclusive to you, or shared by several authors.

  • Readers can leave feedback without having to register.

  • There is an extensive Help which should give you all you need to start uploading your stories.

Have a look at the fiction already there to see how the archive works. For those of you who use the Doctor Who Teaspoon archive, it works much the same way. Feel free to ask me any questions.
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