Nico (vilakins) wrote,

Kerril sighting and the Two Ronnies

I saw Carol Hawkins (Kerril) on The Two Ronnies last night (recorded from the UKTV channel earlier). This is the second sighting on that program, pre-dating her appearance on Blake's 7 by a few years; think this series of T2R was made in 1975. The first time she was a jilted waitress in a black wig at a wedding, and this time she had a curly ash-blonde wig and was a Northern girl with encyclopaedic knowledge and extremely long legs; no wonder Vila was entranced.

I used to love watching The Two Ronnies with my parents when it was first shown here. I still find the plays on language very clever and love their musical numbers in drag (Ronnie Barker makes a wonderful woman) but their obsession with mammary glands and Ronnie Corbett's assumption in his monologue that the audience is completely male are very annoying. I never noticed those things as a kid.

Oh, yes. Next week's instalment of the regular Piggy Malone and Charley Farley serial 'Death can be Fatal' is 'Villa of Villainy'.

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