Nico (vilakins) wrote,

Three original character drawings

These are for kalinda001 who had no pictures of her original characters to display with the canon ones in her PGP series. She described them to me so I could have a go at drawing them. Kalinda, I hope they're not too far off what you had in mind. Ignore them if they are; they didn't take me that long once I got round to it.


"Argus is tough with a strong cheekbones and just a bit longer than a military cut; he's about the same height as Avon; dark brown hair and light hazel eyes; a slight haunted look in his eyes."


"Reya is tall but a bit shorter than Argus; her hair is a short brownish-blond; she has light grey eyes; triangular face with strong jaw line with narrowing at the cheek bone and temples."


"Sester has strawberry blond hair and intense blue eyes; medium to slender build; silky compelling voice; quick easy smile; comes across as charming, whimsical and sincere."

Tags: art
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