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Doctor Who: Journey's End

OK, I enjoyed the last two eps so much, I thought RTD might write another rip-roarer.


OK, bits I liked:

  • Companion joy, esp Sarah Jane and Martha
  • Davros remembering Sarah Jane, esp since I'm watching 'Genesis of the Daleks' :-)
  • Mickey and Jackie! Yay!
  • Mickey kissing his gun
  • Mickey's grandmother dying peacefully
  • Donna and the Doctor doing each other's way of talking
  • We know what you were thinking, Jack. ;-)
  • Wilfred. Wilfred rocks, and I'm glad Donna has him
  • general SFX and music: fun to watch and listen to even if not much of the plot made sense
Bits I didn't:

  • Why would the Daleks want to destroy the universe/reality? Not much fun having it all if there's nothing to have.
  • The earth being towed. The acceleration alone would have killed everyone and stripped the atmosphere off
  • Jack not hugging Donna. Maybe he was wildly jealous of her being with the Doctor. At least I hope that was it
  • Doctor Mk 2 doing domestic with Rose. Gag. As Molesworth would say, chiz chiz i mite hav nown
  • Most of all, Donna never knowing she was so wonderful and brilliant. The Doctor realised that she shouted at the world because of low self-esteem, then he took all that she'd gained and learned away from her. She's back where she started. That just so depresses me. I loved someone who thought of herself as a failure and 'nothing special' who never even pleased her own mother being brilliant and really mattering, but she's lost it all. I loved Donna from the start and she really was brilliant. I shall miss her so much.
And yeah, forgive me if I don't believe the Daleks are gone. They keep getting rid of them but they come back. So it's Cybermen at Christmas? Well, what a surprise. Look, how about some new monsters or threats? Ah well, at least we know Moffatt can provide that, so there's some hope for future variety.


kerravonsen asked about the German, so I thought I'd put my translation here too. I'm not sure I got it all, but:

The Daleks were saying: "Exterminate, exterminate. You will be exterminated, you are all [couldn't catch it] of the Daleks."

Martha and the guardian or whatever she was:
"There is no one here. Whatever you want, go away. Leave me in peace."
"I'm called Martha Jones. I come from UNIT, agent number 55671, from the medical division."
"You are the nightmare, not them."

Then, when Martha operates the lift and she pulls a gun:
"I should kill you, preferably right now."
And when Martha turns as the doors close:
"Martha, to hell with you." [Martha agrees.]
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