Nico (vilakins) wrote,

German DIY speed-bump vid

Bwahahaha! linda_joyce sent me this German vid which turned out to be an ad. For those who don't speak German, here's a quick and dirty translation from me which won't spoil the fun and will improve your enjoyment.:

"What're you doing there, Giesele? Man, the camera's already running. Come over here! C'mon! ... So, haha! Now just you wait, wait, lad! ... You'll see, lad. You won't go through here again. ... Ach, man, Giesele, not with the flowers again. Here, over here! Yes, yes. ... Ah, here he comes, here he comes, let me have the camera!"
[grabs camera from Giesele]
"Boy, boy boy... cool!"
[shocked look from Giesele]

German DIY speed-bump vid

At the end FWIW: You have a better DIY idea? Make it with Toom Builders' Market and win 5000 euros.

Tags: humour, video
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