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The little train that likes kids

I've been meaning to take a picture of one of the kids' rides in the local mall. It's been disturbing me for about three years. What were the designers thinking of?

I mean, look at the thing! Its bad enough that its nose and mouth (and for that matter its eyes in another sense) are on its stomach along with its arms, but I think what's really worrying about it is that unlike harmless anthropomorphised trains like Thomas the Tank Engine, it has arms. Greg thinks it's the result of a teleport accident in which the driver and engine were merged, but I think its worse than that, Jim. Look at its teeth: they're blood-stained. The arms are for grabbing food with; no wonder the kids give it a wide berth.

The train seems to be a permanent fixture, but other rides come and go. At the moment there's a rotating Bat Cave with Robin lurking behind it, presumably turning it.

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