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Doctor Who: The Stolen Earth

I have to post about this one because it too was excellent.

I was disappointed that it was Daleks again, but it was a great ride anyway.

Harriet is the hero. I love her. We didn't actually see her die either, though the Daleks did say "exterminate". Perhaps she has something else up her sleeve from the Copper Foundation. We can hope.

I love Wilfred too. Good idea about the paint gun; pity it didn't work.

I admit to shouting "Dalek Caaaaaaaaan!"

What the hell does the gratuitous Dawkins know about astronomy though?

The Rose and Doctor reunion scene was so bad, I have to think it was deliberate parody. I was yelling "Heeeathcliiiff! Caaathyyy!" and cheered the Dalek when it intervened. Sorry. I was actually glad to see Rose though and was rather sorry for her when she was excluded from the group chat. But seeing everyone else? That is just beyond cool.

I knew who Davros was because I have seen pictures. I am wondering if there is Master-ness in the next ep because of the dadadada dadadada beat in a couple of places, particularly including Davros's metal hand. Probably coincidence though. And does Dalek Caan's rescue of Davros mean that there is hope for the Doctor doing something about Gallifrey?

As for the incipient regeneration, I thought they weren't having DW next year because of Tennant being with the RSC. If they're going ahead with someone else, kudos to RTD et al for keeping that completely secret. However I think the Hand in the Jar will influence the regeneration somehow, but if so, it seems a bit sad for the Doctor to lose a life without gaining a new body when he has so few left.

And what is Donna? The younger Shadow Proclamation woman said that she was 'something new'. Thought: was it her hand that picked up the Master's ring? Surely not. I like my Donna and Harriet--I know some people think it might have been her--the way they are: humans at their best. Anyway, Harriet doesn't wear red nail polish and Donna is unlikely to have been outside London. Still, who knows what will happen next week? I can't wait! I think this is the best finale yet.

These Daleks seem to have more personality than most. Favourite quotes:
"We hate UNIT."
"Yes. We know who you are."
"Daleks do not accept apologies" (the winner)

Favourite comment from a viewer, kalypso_v:
"The Daleks now insist on a massed choir to accompany all their invasions, and they don't sing. So they've got to capture loads of potential singers and test their voices to find the perfect backing group." Bwahahaha!

Please do not spoil me with rumours or leaks about the next episode or season.

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