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Conversation with a mechanic

My car has been fixed!

A mechanic at Honda rang me yesterday about the part it needed (computer control for ventilation) which would take 3-4 weeks to come from Japan.

Mech: Did I tell you how much it will cost?
Me [apprehensively] No. How much?
Mech: $2000
Me [shocked and appalled]: WHAT? I could buy an old car for that! I'm not paying that when the thing could break down again.
Mech: It's a different part from the one that broke down last time.
Me: Yes, and you've already said that you don't stock either because they so rarely fail. There's no way I'm paying that much and having an undriveable car for that long, and you already told me you won't give me a loan car.
Mech: We-e-e-e-ell. We could put a second-hand part in.
Me [cautiously hopeful] How much would that cost?
Mech: It depends on the supplier. $300 to $500?
Me: That's a hell of a lot better than $2000. When can you get one?
Mech: We could fit it tomorrow. But there's no guarantee like there would be for a new part.
Me: DO IT!
Mech: We can't guarantee it won't break down.
Me: Look, even if it does and I have to get another second-hand part, I'd still be way ahead of the game. Go for it!

So I have my car back. It annoys me that I could have got a second-hand resistor back in summer and had the aircon fixed immediately, but then that part was only about $160.

This car is only five years old, which is fairly new for this country--and me. I hope this is the last thing for a while.

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