Nico (vilakins) wrote,

Picspam of cats and mall art

We braved the weather to go to Sylvia Park to have lunch at the Casablanca Moroccan restaurant (yum!) and to see Prince Caspian. It's really strange weather today: cold, wet, blustery, and sunny, all mixed up. It was miserable when we left home but bright and sunny when we got there, and it has just hailed. I have a fan heater on in here as well as the heatpump in the TV room; it's 6C out there. :-P

I shall put my comments about the film in a separate post because of spoilers, and devote this one to picspam.

First of all, two cats in boxes. Greg's hard drive failed while he was away so he got a new one delivered. Claudia and Vic were more interested in the box it came in.

Claudia was in and out of it all that evening.

So of course Vic had to have a go too.

And at Sylvia Park mall, I finally got round to taking pictures of the wall climbers and also Boba Fett de Milo.

Wall climbing figures

A suspended figure that looks as if he's descending from the glass roof

A Lego Boba Fett de Milo. Someone took his arm!. :-(

Tags: auckland, cats, nz
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