Nico (vilakins) wrote,

Drabble: Taking Sides

I set the topic for this week's b7friday challenge as 'The Other Side' but it still took me a while to think up a story for it (especially as I was determined not to be predictable and write Vila).

Taking Sides

She had the wrong coloured skin, and hair, and eyes. She couldn't even talk like a proper person at the start. She cried when Dayna laughed at her, or poked her when Daddy wasn't looking, or took her own toys back. When she rebelled and shouted that her name was Lauren, not 'beastie', that just made the game more interesting.

Then the Sarrans tried take her back and kindled a fire inside Dayna that she hadn't realised was there. "Leave my sister alone!" she shouted, taking aim.

It was different after that. Lauren was 'us', not one of 'them'.

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