Nico (vilakins) wrote,

My slippers; let me show you them

I watched more Babylon 5 last night: Londo crawling drunk on the table, bum in the air, and claiming to be cute--and stunning in purple; a Centauri goddess of passion--but with tentacles, so surely hermaphrodite; the kick-arse Na'Toth's entrance; Ivanova being her awesome self... I really have to add Ivanova to my list of favourite characters where she can join Vila as a rare human.

Today I went to the local pet supermarket to buy a bag of Hills Science Diet and found it comes with free slippers at the moment. Behold: my first (and doubtless last) pair of animal slippers.

I usually wear ug boots, but they're sort of cute. They even have different faces and personalities but I haven't decided which is right and which is left. The little thing sticking out behind which I thought was a tab for hanging them? Vestigial tail.

I'm not yet sure how the cats will like them, though Tessa sniffed their noses. I still prefer the ug boots for comfort though.

Oh and Cadbury has some new chocolate flavours out. The tiramisu is delicious, and I see by the shelf labels that there's a crème brulee flavour but it's out of stock. I must try that too.

Tags: babylon 5, cats, weirdness
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