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Last week I rented and watched season 1 of Quantum Leap because I've only ever seen a couple of eps and wanted something undemanding and entertaining. Well, except for the boxing episode which I skipped because giving people brain injuries is not a sport. Sadly, the first part of season 2 is out so, inspired by having seen Claudia Christian as a 50s dame, I resorted to my Babylon 5 DVDs--and I really don't think they've dated at all. I've seen three episodes, and yay for Ivanova, Garibaldi, and my favourites, Londo, G'Kar, and Vir. Last night's ep was Born to the Purple which I remembered thinking was fun when I first saw it, but with hindsight, not so much.

I also have two boxed sets of Star Trek eps chosen by a fan collective, a nice selection I shall work my way through. I was disconcerted to see Spock's father as the Romulan commander last night in Balance of Terror; I suppose it's how Mark Lenard got the part.

Tags: babylon 5, sf, star trek
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