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Aftermath (301)

Sun, sand, sea, and savages (not all of them Sarrans)!

For some reason, this is one of the few episodes I can remember seeing as a kid, probably because of the sweeping beach scenes which are such a change from the usual interior or quarry. This may be why Bounty is another one I remember.

I also remembered her. I think as a child I'd hoped she and Dayna would both become new crewmembers, and was very upset when she died so horribly (nice family fare, B7. But why did she? Was there even a reason to have the poor girl exist? Surely murder of her father was enough to isolate Dayna so that she would join the crew?
It's also a puzzle that Lauren looks so unlike the Sarrans with their long, straight, black Mongolian-looking hair. I originally thought that she might have been exposed as a baby or abandoned like so many savage peoples do with their female children, but maybe it was because she looked different and wrong to them.

Hal Mellanby
He's a hypocrite, sorry. He designs weapons which, as Dayna says, have the sole function of killing people, so his objection to killing the merciless Sarrans is weaselly and one reason Lauren died. Does he think it's all right for others to kill with his guns as long as his daughters don't? Me, I'm with Dayna on this one.

I don't particularly like S3 Dayna, but she's stunning and an utter joy to watch. As I said, though she's hard-hearted and unsocialised, she was quite right in wanting to kill the Sarran when he was down--she knew them better than Avon did--and Servalan too. Pity she took such an extraordinarily long time to fire at her at the end.

The cave
Just what was that convenient cave with its concealed lighting and skin-covered bed? Just a base on shore for her and Lauren when out hunting, or a Sarran hideout she discovered and used? No, they wouldn't be capable of the lighting; it must be a Mellanby base.

Dayna and Avon
That's a lot of flirting going on there. They're obviously both attracted to each other, but there's absolutely nothing between them later. I wonder whether it was planned to have some Liberator romance which was then dropped.

She must have that purple thing on backwards given the shoulder Dayna always bares is her left one. I wonder how long she'd have given Avon if he'd accepted her offer.

Other stuff
I felt sorry for the troopers--"Oh, we're all right. We're out of the war now."
I liked the Mellanby place. It had a nice underwater and SF feel to it.
How long did the battle last: hours, days, weeks?
Hal says, "It was a close-run thing. What's left of the Federation fleet, which isn't much, is scattered halfway across the galaxy. I'd say the Federation's in a lot of trouble." It's an interesting point, and one that Avon will ignore in this season. What a wasted opportunity, and how does the Federation recover so well by S4?

A seaside feast for the eyes and a good introduction to Dayna, though I question the necessity of Lauren and the flirting in the cave.

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