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My life isn't exactly a thrill a day, but I'm enjoying taking it easy in mostly sunny if cool weather.

Yesterday I had my hair cut and some very nice, subtle caramel streaks put through it. Shiny! Oh and my 3-pack of bamboo t-shirts arrived: very nice and smooth against the skin. I always buy men's t-shirts because women's have such silly little sleeves.

Today I was driven from the house by yet another power cut (the second in three weeks) to get some ordered library books, lunch, cat food, and some teeny light bulbs that make my glowy planet made of Himalayan crystal salt glow like Jupiter about to achieve fusion. According to my neighbour, it was a line fault, but the hardware store checkout guy said it was a moron in a Bentley hitting a power pole in Remuera. [rolls eyes] This happens all too often with far too many lunatics, drunk or otherwise, on the roads. And this after I rang up Vector a few weeks ago and asked why they weren't undergrounding power lines while Metrowater was digging up our road, which they're supposed to under their 'dig once' policy.

When I got back however I was pleased to find the power back on and the SG1 DVD The Ark of Truth, the conclusion to the Ori story, in the letterbox. It has a lot of special features too, including: a commentary with Robert C Cooper, Christopher Judge, and Peter Woeste; Stargate at Comic-Con; and a couple of 'featurettes' which might be compressed sequels compiled from the series. Yay, some weekend viewing.

Speaking of SG1, the SG1 friendathon master list is up. I've only read a couple so far but they were excellent.

I also saw Indiana Jones in the weekend and it was the adventurous and entertaining escapism I was expecting and wanted, full of the cunning ancient traps, vehicle chases, and SFX that I've enjoyed in the others. I could do without protracted fist-fight though; so boring and unlikely at the same time. I liked Indiana being older but still his cool, dry, and very competent self, and the sense of place and time. The Russians did indeed once do a lot of psychic research, and the US did build those horrible houses with dummies in them to see how they'd be affected, but not, I think, to that detail and extent. Ha! I yelled "Get in the fridge!" before he did. :-) I also liked seeing Marion again--she was a good character in the first film--and I think the boy might be being set up to be a successor, though "Mutt Jones" doesn't have the same ring, or any ring at all really. I hope not though. this really should be the last one.

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