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Lost season finale

I have just watched Lost's double-episode season finale.

First up the island travels in "space and time"! And time-travelling bunnies! I wish we'd seen the rest of that tape.

I also have to say how much I enjoy watching Ben, though I don't like the cold-hearted bastard. And who knew that moving the island needed a big wheel. How does he steer?

I hope that's Desmond's story over and Ben doesn't kill Penny like Widmore presumably did with Sayid's Nadia. Or Widmore decide to kill of Desmond. Knowing this show, I'd say there's a fair chance of either. And BTW, was that Widmore in 'Indiana Jones' with the FBI agents?

So Charlotte's from the island. She's too young to be Ben's Annie, but I do wonder if that woman Desmond encountered in London is her. Was she named? I really like Charlotte and Miles isn't creeping me out as much as he did.

It occurs to me that Jin may not be dead. The freighter was in sight of land and there were life jackets. They could bring him back if they wanted to. I'm not sure what Sun's up to, but I like it. Wow, she's changed so much from the brow-beaten wife in S1; you go, girl.

I wonder who was after Hurley and why, and where Sayid took him. To Ben perhaps?

And now. I am devastated that they killed Locke. Even if he's walking dead in the future, that won't be our Locke, will it, but more a mouthpiece of the island. [mourns Locke] Look, he's had his organs removed and embalming fluid pumped into his veins so it's not exactly an easy cure for the island. Unless he becomes immortal like Alpert. [feels slightly hopeful] And anyway, I thought the guy in the coffin left a son which was why I thought it was Michael.

And now we have to wait. :-( I had no idea when I started watching that this series would be as good as it is, especially this last season. OTOH will it be the same without the Locke we know?

Oh and the numbers: Locke died at 4 and Sayid shot the guy outside the mental home at 8:15. Were there others?

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