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Latest character meme

I'm putting off doing stuff I don't like doing, so this is another one of those character memes, snurched from the_summoning_d, with new questions.

If you want to play too, then make up your own list of 15 characters before you read the questions and my answers.

  1. Hurley from Lost
  2. Wash from Firefly
  3. Vila Restal from Blake's 7
  4. Kerr Avon from Blake's 7
  5. Aeryn Sun from Farscape
  6. Rodney McKay from SGA
  7. Donna Noble from Doctor Who
  8. Stark from Farscape
  9. Seven of Nine from ST:Voyager
  10. Jack O'Neill from SG1
  11. Hiro Nakamura from Heroes
  12. Garak from ST:DS9
  13. Martha Jones from Doctor Who
  14. Spock from ST:TOS
  15. Servalan from Blake's 7

1) 12 and 7 get married and move in together. What kind of home would they live in? Who will decorate the house and would either of them be tempted to have an affair with 1?

There's always got to be a marriage one. Garak and Donna, and Hurley

Ha, you know I think they'd be a good match. Garak needs someone strong who wouldn't take any of that "plain and simple tailor" stuff, and who takes delight in the universe. Garak would decorate of course, being good at curtains and probably upholstery while Donna stands back with her hands on her hips and tells him what she wants. As for Hurley: no. He'd be a valued friend though. Donna would enjoy his undemanding and sweet-natured company and Garak would enjoy making him some flattering clothes that aren't t-shirts and jeans. "I thought a tunic would make me like, you know, a bit soft, but dude!"

2) 1, 4, 8 & 13 fall through a dimensional portal leading to the Star Wars universe. What will they do until they get back home? Will they work as a team or will they try to kill each other?

Hurley, Avon, Stark, and Martha

Hurley lies low and gets a job at a fast-food place in Coruscant. There's a war, dude, but everyone needs to eat. He misses the Dharma ranch dressing though.

Avon, astounded by the low-tech weapons (light sabres used like swords when you can aim light?) designs a weapons station the size of a moonlet that can take out a whole planet, and sells it to the highest bidder, the Empire. Because he has a sneaking sympathy with the Rebel Alliance though, he includes a way to destroy it that any reasonable hacker could find.

Stark and Martha sign on with the rebels, Martha as a doctor (she really likes the regen jelly tubes) and Stark full of ideas for financing the rebellion by attacking the Coruscant Trading Bank using a silent count.

Work as a team? No, not till Avon works out a way to get back and needs them all for it to work.

3) If 2 and 7 went out to dinner, where would they go, what would they eat, and what would they do afterwards?

Wash and Donna

Wash fancies a luau and Donna a curry but they compromise with the ubiquitous Chinese, a nice spicy Szechuan in this case. Donna wonders why there are so many Chinese restaurants and swearwords but so few Chinese on the streets (or spaceships). Wash says it's because they're sensible and running quiet and profitable family businesses, not getting shot at. Afterwards, Wash shows Donna his dinosaurs (and no, that's not even a single entendre), then takes Donna for a spin around the local system. They get attacked by a small party of reavers, but Donna whacks them upside the head, tells them off, and asks them why the hell do they always get takeout when there's all that fresh food at home? They leave while the reavers are gnawing this (and each other) over, and Wash thinks that if he didn't already have his beloved Zoe, he might well show Donna more than his dinosaurs.

4) What kind of a pet would 9 have?

Seven of Nine

A DRD of course (Stark gave her one). She's very fond of it but never gives it a nickname. It's always DRD, never anything twee like D.

5) How might 6 manage to badly offend 2, and what would 2 do about it?

Rodney and Wash

You know Rodney: just be his own bragging, arrogant self, boasting about how much his intelligence outshines that of a pilot, and that he'd so whip Wash at a games of dinosaurs because he's got some really huge virtual ones. Wash would keep his temper and turn out to be so good at computer-generated dinosaurs that even his stegosaurus managed to leap up and put a branch into Rodney's T Rex's mouth and then push it into a swamp. Rodney said he wasn't playing to win anyway.

6) Due to some plot device, 8 & 11 end up in charge of a baby they're supposed to be jointly responsible for. How do they manage?

Stark and Hiro

Aww. They'd both do really well. I hate sprogfic but I think I'd read that.

7) It's up to 13 & 15 to save the universe! How doomed are we?

Martha and Servalan

I think we'd be saved. Martha is tough, intelligent, and kick-arse, and Servalan is all those things too, and she knows she won't have anything to supremely command if they fail.

8) 1 asks for 3's hand in marriage. How does 3 react? And what possessed 1, anyway?

Hurley and Vila

Vila asks what the hell Hurley's on. It turns out to be an entire jar of 15-year-old Dharma ranch dressing; that stuff never goes stale, but it does mutate. "Dude," says Hurley, blinking owlishly. "Didn't realise you were a dude. Want half a candy bar?"

9) 3, 5, and 10 get into a physical fight for a silly reason. What was the reason?

Vila, Aeryn, and O'Neill

Vila nailed all of Aeryn's cabin furniture to the ceiling and Aeryn assumed it was O'Neill who in vain tried to point out that he preferred verbal to practical jokes. However she'd had it up to here with his "I'll just move the little horsey" during their chess matches and threw him across the room. Appalled, Vila tried to leave but both recognised a guilty look when they saw it and anyway Aeryn was even more annoyed that Vila had beaten her roundly in their last chess game, so she decided that nailing him to the ceiling by his brown suede was a good idea, an opinion which O'Neill did not share as he liked Vila's sense of humour. When he extracted the only nail that Aeryn had sunk however, Vila fell on him, Aeryn launched herself at both of them, and Vila decided to cop a quick feel of Aeryn during the melee and Aeryn thought it was O'Neill and yeah, it just went from there.

10) What kind of a nut is 7? What kind of a stupid question is that? I'm changing it to:
10) What food does 7 like best?


A good curry followed by ice cream and a triple-shot espresso.

11) 2, 10, 12 and 15 are in a car (or other small vehicle) together. Who drives, who is in which seat, and where are they going?

Wash, O'Neill, Garak, and Servalan

It's a shuttle. Wash pilots while Garak rides shotgun because that's the weapons station. O'Neill, in the back with Servalan, keeps up a barrage of witty banter which Servalan tries to ignore while also giving Wash orders about how to get to Space Fleet HQ. O'Neill however wants them to go to a planet with a code instead of a name so he can use the Stargate there, Garak wants to find Terok Nor AKA DS9, but Wash is actually heading for the planet he left the others on while they did a heist.

12) 1 and 5 are getting into politics together. How might they achieve their goals?

Hurley and Aeryn

Hurley stands with Aeryn as campaign manager, because Hurley is lovable and most voters don't use logic, but candidates do use dirty tricks and Aeryn regards those as a declaration of war.

13) 3, 7, 8 and 11 are stranded on a hospitable but uninhabited planet. What is their situation a year later?

Vila, Donna, Stark, and Hiro

Vila is living with Donna who finds him sweet and funny and looks after him well when she's not exasperated with him, Stark is growing a field of blue flowers with yellow spots in hopeless hope, and Hiro has tamed and charmed the local beasts. But none of it really happens because Hiro takes them all back in time to before they got stranded.

14) 4 challenges 14 to a duel. Why, and what happens?

Avon and Spock (and this appears to be Spock's only question. Poor Spock. Or perhaps lucky Spock.)

I have no idea. It would have to be Alien Space Microbes or something. Or the duel involves that 3D chess they play on the Enterprise so that Avon, who has had his brilliance and logic compared unfavorably to Spock's, can try (and fail) to prove himself. Yeah, that.

15) 3 & 4 and 7 & 9 team up to compete against each other. What would the game / sport / challenge be, which team would win, and why?

Vila and Avon, Donna and Seven

Beach volleyball (Vila's choice, to Avon's annoyance). Donna and Seven win hands down because they're damned good, Vila's not keeping his eyes on the ball, and Avon has so much sun-screen on, he can't catch it.

16) 1 has decided to run for president / prime minister / leader / whatever, with 3 as their running mate. Opposing them is 13 with 6 as their running mate. Who wins, and why - and what happens after they take power?

Hurley and Vila, Martha and Rodney

Hurley, Hurley, what's with the politics? Chill out and play some golf.

Martha and Rodney have competence and genius on their side, but Martha is black and female and far too many voters are stupid bigots, plus Rodney should never be allowed near a press conference, so Hurley and Vila win. What happens? Peace and the fair distribution of wealth, backed with a well-fed and armed armed force because they both like to be safe as well as comfy.

17) 1, 4, 7, 12, 15 are playing poker. Who cheats, who wins, and who is a bad loser? What other antics ensue?

Hurley, Avon, Donna, Garak, and Servalan

Hurley's hopeless because his face shows everything, Avon calculates all the odds correctly but is not good at reading others' faces or tells and is unaware of the crocodile grin that appears when he has a good hand, Donna talks non-stop, waving her cards around and does quite well because she doesn't care enough about the game to have a tell, Garak plays inscrutably and well and wins, Servalan cheats but still loses and tries to shoot the other players with a very small jewel-encrusted gun disguised as part of a lizard brooch, but Garak is too fast for her. She wilts in his arms and rather hopes he's better than Jarvik was (most are), Donna and Hurley go for a meal, and Avon is left sitting surlily at the table reminding himself of why he doesn't like people.

18) 5, 9, 10 get somehow stuck in a subway / underground train. What happens?

Aeryn, Seven, and O'Neill

O'Neill tells amusing stories while Seven mentally hacks the doors open and Aeryn organises all the passengers to walk to the next station where O'Neill prevents her from shooting the transport staff.

19) Either 5 or 7 are going to become the next prez / PM / leader. You get to choose. Who and Why?

Man. What's with the politics anyway? Aeryn or Donna.

Donna. Aeryn's too hawklike and Donna's got a hell of a lot of common sense, and I think super-temp would never allow the bureaucrats to pull the wool over her eyes or indeed to kid her.

20) Finally of all fifteen, whom would you pick to babysit?

Hiro. He's sweet and lovely and he can go back in time before the kid pees its pants / flushes its teddy / throws pasta all over the kitchen / floods the house, and stop it happening. Poor Hiro.

Not exactly a fair distribution of characters there. If I'd written those questions, I'd have made sure there was a better spread.
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