Nico (vilakins) wrote,


I haven't done that much of interest lately unless you count going to the Aotea market and scoffing a delicious samosa before buying some dichroic glass pendants for Greg's sisters and a couple of other nice things for myself. The same guy with the unicycle and basketballs that trixieleitz and I saw a couple of years ago was there. Huh.

I'm entertaining myself at night with films on DVD. Last night it was Wah Wah which I found more sad than the 'heart warming' it was described as. Beautiful scenes of Swaziland though, and a great cast, including Fenella Woolgar as a horsey type; pity there wasn't more of her.

Tonight, while Greg is on a train from Sofia to Varna, it was Galaxy Quest. Man, I love that film, even more than when I first saw it because I hadn't been to a con back then. Brilliant stuff!

Tags: films, real life
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