Nico (vilakins) wrote,

Lost: There's No Place Like Home (1)

This season really does rock.

Poor Hurley. I don't know what went through his parents' heads that they thought an island-themed party might be fun for a rescued castaway, but I did think the car was a lovely gift from his father. Until he saw the numbers. The Island really wants him back, doesn't it? And he's not unloved either; Sawyer and Jack were both horrified when they realised he was at the Orchid Station. I've only got three icon spaces left but I feel I need a Hurley icon.

I'm intrigued by unstuck-in-time Daniel Faraday's notebook entries about the Orchid. How much did he once know and how much else has he seen and forgotten?

I doubt that any Oceanic settlement would be enough to cover a controlling interest in the large and powerful Paik Corporation; after all Kate and Jack don't seem to be incredibly wealthy; Kate has a nice house with one or two staff, that's all. Sun would need more than a few million. I think Hurley's given his hated lottery money to Sun; certainly by the time she has her baby, he's a close and valued friend.

It seems Keamy has a dead-man switch connected to the explosives on the freighter, and the transmissions from that are the interference they picked up. But why? Surely it would only be of use if someone knew about it so that he would be protected / not killed? I loathe Keamy; unlike Ben he has no interest or depth so he's just plain evil which is boring. I didn't expect him to try to shoot Ben as he's there to 'extract' him, but I wouldn't mind betting his gun would refuse to fire if he had. Speaking of which, the Island must still have a use for Michael.

I like how the Oceanic Six are split among the groups meaning that we can't write any of them off; there's hope for each group.

I do think this season has been very tightly plotted and look forward to the double-ep season finale. I shall be watching it on my own though; Greg the big Lost fan leaves on Tuesday.

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