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Doctor Who: The Doctor's Daughter

And now I've caught up with Doctor Who.

Those cloning machines are clever: they not only grow a person, but also provide clothing, makeup and hair accessories, and portable adrenaline and soma hookahs. I'd like to have been told more about the Hath. They were obviously liquid-breathing creatures with gills, but how did they communicate and why are they paired with humans for the planet? Will they colonise the oceans perhaps?

A 7-day war sounds rather brief. What happened to the original colonists and how did they start a war so quickly? I suppose if it was so many generations on, soldiers only lived hours at most, so they'd be programmed not to mind dying. I was still moved by the Hath's sacrifice for a member of a species it had been programmed to hate.

Yay for Donna once again, not just being tough and sensible, but also very intelligent. She's obviously very adaptable and a fast learner in her temp jobs, and she's finally found a job that's worthy of her. I fear for her though. Saying she's staying on for ever means she'll be killed off unless she changes her mind. :-(

Hmm, that 'source' terraformer was almost as fast as the Genesis Device in The Wrath of Khaaaaaaan, but hey. Advanced tech and all that.

I expected Jenny to regenerate, and of course Martha didn't realise she had two hearts and was physically a Timelord. My thought is that she's insurance for the future: when they run out of regenerations in two Doctors' time, they'll have another almost new one to use. And female at that. :-)

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