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Lost: Cabin Fever

I know hardly anyone who watches Lost which is a pity because this season rocks.

A Locke episode at last! Poor Locke, not even touched by his mother let alone hugged, but I suppose if she was adopting him out, it could have been because she knew she couldn't keep him. And the unchanging Alpert was there at the neonatal unit, visited him as a boy, and tried to get him into the Mittelos science camp presumably not open to most teen-aged geeks. ;-) Is Alpert immortal, does he travel through time, or is he a construct of the Island?

I wonder what the symbolism of the objects Alpert offered were. I thought Locke would take the knife first, but he chose (or examined?) the sand, the compass, and then took the knife. Sand from the beach (or sands of time?), a compass to get him to were he belongs, and a knife for protection? He obviously shouldn't have chosen the knife, but why? If he'd taken the law book perhaps, would they have taken him to the special school? And what would it have been, a training place for potential Island bondmates or Jacobs?

Locke was a bright boy, playing backgammon and doing well in science, yet he had a series of dead-end jobs. I wonder if he deliberately chose undemanding work so that he could channel his energies into survivalism or the war games he plays with his friends when he was at the box factory.

Other things: Claire still has a bruise on her forehead, but she seems so different in the cabin: confident and happy, almost smug, and unconcerned about Aaron, that I wonder if she's as dead as Christian. After all, it was so unlikely that she survived that explosion. And it seems that the time difference between the island and the freighter is quite large (a day?) unless this takes place simultaneously with the Jack stuff last week.

And that last sentence? I yelled, "Yes!" just for the SF-ness either. And you know, they must be getting very close to 26 December 2004 and I'd been expecting the tsunami to affect them--but it looks as though the Island might cause it.

(And I also can't help but think of that Goon Show episode where they towed Great Britain out into the Atlantic, leaving a life-sized cardboard replica for the Germans to bomb--with cardboard bombs.)

However if anyone wants to discuss any other eps, like the intriguing Ben one, The Shape of Things to Come, feel free. :-)

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