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The Keeper (212)

Tents, warriors, a conniving telepath, fools, grapes, and the mystery of the missing ships. And I really should post these reviews after I've seen the episode, not a week later.

They're have a Mongol look with their yurts and yellowish skins (esp the Fool, who going by the actor's name, may actually be), but they've also got some medieval-looking weapons and decorations. Ah well, at least it wasn't the standard medieval village they encounter all the time in SG1 and SGA. Tara is the interesting one with her telepathy; at least I assume that's what it is. What on earth possessed them to call Rod that though? Couldn’t they think up something more exotic? At least it wasn't Fred or, worse, Jack, the nom du jour de la décennie (decade).
I wonder how they grow food given the poisonous atmosphere. If it's all imported, what do the Goths export to pay for it?

Poor Avon. He so wants to present Blake with a dead rat and Blake isn't impressed.

This is the episode in which Greg realised how much he liked Vila, back in 2001, when the poor guy asked for a torch. Vila's quite good in this: clever, funny, cute, and engaging our sympathy when he's dragged off to the dark and doubtless niffy dungeon. I like how he told Jenna that Blake was outside, and I'm very glad that there wasn't a tinkly bit about his being a fool at the end.
As the other one says though, "It's a sad life, that of a Fool."

I think Bounty's a much better episode for Jenna, though she has to play a role in this one as well and pretend an interest in Gola. In Bounty, she's still the tough smuggler though; in this one she has to be the compliant and dazzled female which makes her part the bit I like least. She does it very well though, and she was very clever to pretend that the Fool had drugged her wine so that Vila was reinstated.

Why is Blake so annoyed when Avon says he got Travis? Is he angry because he wanted to take Travis himself, or because Avon acted on his own?

Plot and ship-shaped holes therein
Travis obviously took the class one ship that Avon thought was Servalan's to get to Star One. What was the signal Cally detected being sent from the other pursuit ship before they blew it up? Travis doesn't send a message--from Servalan's--till after that. And why are Travis and Servalan obviously working together after what happened at Freedom City? What ship does Servalan leave on? I assume there are more ships in orbit (hers, at least two other pursuit ships going by "pursuit ship four", and shuttles to get Travis and Servalan to them) but in that case why doesn't Zen pick them up?
And as hafren pointed out, how did Travis and Servalan get there first? The Liberator is a very fast ship and Blake wouldn't have taken his time.

Not a bad ep--a lot better than I remembered anyway--and more entertaining than some, but I do wish we'd seen something more of Travis's motivation. As it stands, he's now taken off for Star One to take control of it and presumably the Federation, and what he does next is a complete surprise.

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