Nico (vilakins) wrote,

Chibi Avon and Vila

Yesterday, still my birthday in the US, I got a lovely package from van containing discs with classic Doctor Who and a couple of favourite Simpsons episodes, one of them with backgrounds references to B7 and DW at the 'bi-monthly sci-fi con'. :-)

And a hand-drawn card! I have Van's permission, so I scanned the front and back pics. Behold:
Chibi Avon and Vila, and Orac and an unimpressed cat!

Chibi Avon and Vila wishing me a happy birthday. I love the little details: Vila's on my favourite outfit of his, he's already had more to drink than Avon, and he's taller too, as he is when he forgets to do his 'don't notice me' crouch. :-D

A cat I assume to be Van's Princess Peach shows her opinion of Orac, one I rather share.
Tags: birthdays
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