Nico (vilakins) wrote,

My birthday

I thought my birthday in RL would be bit of a fizzle because most restaurants don't open on Monday nights, so I met Greg for lunch. When I got there though, he'd just been phoned about an emergency, so I just bought a samosa and went home where I could follow it with ice-cream and a book. I'd have consoled myself with a massage but hey, it's Monday and salons are closed as well. At least I wasn't Ugly Betty stood up in a fashionable restaurant with cheese fondue for two.

And if I hadn't gone out, I'd have been home when kerravonsen rang. She did leave a lovely rendition of 'Happy Birthday' on my voicemail though, and I knew it was her singing before she said so. [delighted grin and hugs]

Greg's home now and it seems that there are some restaurants open in Mission Bay (which is wall-to-walls restaurants and cafes) so I'm getting a dinner out after all, yay!

And look [points at icon] - I also got an adorable mini Vila from the talented redscharlach, and a gorgeous and happy-making story from van, Satisfaction, complete with a banner of Avon and Vila in the outfits they're wearing in the story. [loves]

And I really should link to the Vila with roses snowgrouse gave me last year because Vila in a suit with roses? Come on!

As for the Daily Mail, I shall be invoicing them tomorrow.

Tags: birthdays
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