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Oh now look!

Since so many people are telling me I'm being negative, I want to emphasise that it's B7E I'm negative about. They've changed the characters and universe (come on, a populated galaxy in 200 years?) in their audio series and will do the same in a TV series.

If someone else were remaking B7 with say Martin Freeman as Vila and Dylan Moran as Avon, I'd be very excited. I even thought the head girl in St Trinian's would make a brilliant Servalan.

And if anyone thinks I'm a reactionary who hates remakes per se, I was almost alone in enjoying the HHGTTG film (in which Martin Freeman was Arthur) and am looking forward to the new Get Smart film when I was very dubious before I saw the excellent trailer. And why was it? Because the people playing Smart and 99 acted like them.

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