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Michael Keating reprises his role as Vila for new audio adventure

From the Horizon newsletter comes this news:

Blake's 7 - The Early Years will be a prequel series of stories on audio from B7 Productions exploring the origins of key Blake's 7 characters prior to them meeting rebel leader Roj Blake.

The first of these prequel stories, When Vila met Gan, has been written by Ben Aaronovitch (classic Doctor Who, Jupiter Moon) and explores the history and enduring friendship between Gan and Vila. Michael Keating reprises his role as Vila, and Owen Aaronovitch (Coronation Street) also stars as Gan. An 'extended' special edition CD of When Vila met Gan will be released for retail on 2 June 2008, with a re-cut version to be broadcast on BBC7 in the summer.

Earth. 2230 AD. A time of social and political turmoil.Olag Gan wants to marry the woman of his dreams. Vila Restal wants to steal anything that isn't nailed down. When they form a partnership, a perfect combination of strength and skill, it seems that nothing stands between them and the easy life. But fate hates to give a sucker an even break and the course of true love never did run smooth.

Read the B7 Productions Press Release in the full news item on the Horizon website where you can also see the CD cover artwork.
I'm delighted that we're getting more B7 and with the original actors, but I'm a little dubious since this is from B7 Productions whose other audios are so out of character. Also the year gives me pause: shouldn't it be the New Calendar and at least 1000 years from now? Still, I'll buy it because it will be closer to the Vila I know and love with Michael Keating playing him.
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