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Various headaches

So much for my first real day off work--I had a migraine. And Jehovah's Witnesses, one of the downsides of being home, who arrived just before the guy who was due to fix my car's cracked windscreen so I thought it was him and opened the door wide. I got rid of them in about two minutes though; go me. The Novus guy then turned up and replaced the windscreen; they have this mobile service and a radio ad that goes something like this:
Man: "Come on then, show us your crack!"
Woman [coyly]: "Oh, Novus!"

After that I read and slept most of the day, but I do have a whole list of things to do this week now I have the time: take the three cats to the vet for injections (which means two trips as I can only handle two cats at once), get a flu injection myself, a haircut, and a warrant of fitness for the car with its new windscreen. Oh and go to the optician. Sigh. I don't need the extra expense of that but I'm overdue for a checkup anyway.

As for my site, since the slack lot at Big Bytes haven't replied or done anything at all, I've moved the site to Server Point, which was recommended by kerravonsen and looks as if they give very good service. It will take up to 12 hours for the change of to propagate through the web though, so don't try going there yet.

Oh yes, Greg set up a 'stay-at-home server' here in the weekend so our puters now get backed up every night; very nice. I've been using DVDs and Gmail up till now.

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