Nico (vilakins) wrote,

Time and hats

No, not the unspecified number of hats Donna packed for the TARDIS.

I kept getting hungrier and hungrier as I waited for lunch, till I realised that it had been 12:15 for rather a long time. Yep, my watch had stopped and needed a new battery. I've had that watch my whole adult life and it keeps brilliant time so I was relieved it was just the battery.

I believe they're coming back in, and I've seen a few trilbies around. I've always liked hats and have a collection I'd like to wear more often without being stared at, and I cheered myself up by buying two more: a tweed flat cap and a black trilby with white pinstripes, both very smart and very reasonably priced too. So my collection now consists of:

  • a black felt fedora with a white band
  • a white straw fedora with a black band
  • a fawn felt fedora
  • several sun hats
  • some baseball caps
  • a black and white straw boater bought for the races
  • a brown leather akubra
  • a Roman helmet (used in my re-enacting, added for completeness)
  • two knitted Jayne hats
  • a tan leather flat cap
  • a brown leather pilot's helmet (see icon)
  • a scarlet Maharajah's turban with plume (a gift from a friend and as yet unworn in public)
  • a purple felted woollen hat with a curled brim (brilliant for wind and rain)
  • a brown wool-and-possum-fur peaked hat
  • a brown tweed flat cap
  • a black trilby with white pinstripes
Bring back hats. Hats are wonderful things, and useful too. It's just occurred to me that I may feel about hats the way others feel about shoes, except that--so far--hats are not de rigueur.
Tags: cool stuff
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