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Voice from the Past (210)

And the award for the worst special effect ever goes to... Blake's 7 for the 'walking on the moon' scene in Voice from the Past. [rapturous applause]

OK, this is such a bad episode, it's getting a commentary rather than a review.

Bwahaha, Cally's yoga class! Cally's in a fairly dignified lotus, but Jenna's doing a cobra and Avon looks as if he's debasing himself, possibly in the direction of earth and Mecca, while Blake grabs at his feet (his own, not Avon's). Actually, Avon's pose is called 'the child' which I bet doesn't improve his mood much when he finds out. Why isn't Vila there though? Thrown out for laughing at the others, I bet.

They called a planet Del 10! Is there a Jack Prime somewhere? It's rather endearing though that the planet has a people name. Was it founded by a Tarrant perhaps?

Cut to an interminable shot of the Liberator turning ponderously in space. I suppose they have to show they're on a ship, but I know this isn't the last.

I suppose vita particles liven people up. Vila's certainly looking forward to them and the low gravity. ;-) And BTW they're not the beta particles some people think; those aren't terribly good for one.

RENOUNCE RENOUNCE RENOUNCE not to mention Nostril Cam™!

OK, they're going back to Del 10, yay! Cut to the Liberator turning slowly in space.

Space Fatigue! Blake's got space fatigue! Someone should do a count of how many times 'space' appears as an adjective in the series. And way to go, guys, leaving Vila alone with Blake when he has no idea what's going on. Don't take the pad off, don't take-- oh, you did. OK, it’s a nice thought to offer Blake some water, but don't listen to him, don't lis-- oh, you did. Why does Vila believe so easily that Avon and Cally are a couple?

They're going back to asteroid PK118. And, yes, here's the Liberator turning in space again. I suspect this episode wasn't long enough and they had to top it up with, well, the Liberator turning in space. Should I have made this a drinking game?

What, Blake's going to leave Avon and the others locked in that room for days? What a meanie! And I wouldn't trust that aluminium helmet. Blake. It doesn't look very airtight.

And here it is: the worst special effect ever: Blake walking along beside a painted curtain. AAAAAAAUUUGH! My eyes, my eyes! And why did they even bother? Why not just cut to him going in the door?  AAAAAAUGH!

Ha! Jenna gets some funny lines about the barren and unattractive asteroid.

And here's the mummy and Van Glynd, strangely changed. My eyes glaze and my mind goes into idle during the mummified Shivan scenes. There will not be much commentary on those. And Shivan takes so long to talk, I could make a nice cuppa between words.

Oh come on, Cally, don't cut Vila off when he was just explaining why he sided with Blake. Enquiring minds want to know if it's true about the pairing up.

Hey, Servie's wearing a dental uniform of her own! She wants to play with the Demented Dentist, doesn't she!

Le Grand could do with consulting Servie's makeup minion. The metallic look does not suit her, and she seems to have some difficulty enunciating around her teeth. Is the Princess Leia hairstyle a deliberate homage?

Deputy leader? Oh, Vila. And why do you bow to Le Grand? You're a rebel, dammit. Ah, Nagu kneels to her and calls her 'my lady'; governors are obviously akin to royalty in the Federation. I wonder if the position's hereditary.

And now we get a long scene of the shuttle docking. Definitely not enough dialogue in this ep (which is probably a Good Thing) and that has to be an homage to Star Wars and Lando Calrissian's city.

Come on, Avon! Smash the thing. Whack it with a hammer, stamp on it, don't just lamely lament the lack of Orac!

Oh, look! It was Travis all along! I'd never have guessed! :-P (Actually, Greg, who hadn't seen it before, did guess, and it looked rather Travissy). And of course we can see the rest coming, can't we. A precursor to S4's constant defeats.

Ah, Jenna and Vila are using a snack machine to block the door! I'm surprised Vila didn't use the opportunity and a lockpick or two to extract some Mars Bars while he was at it.

Yay, Avon smashed it!

And yes, Blake, you ought to thank them, not tell them to get back to work. Bloody hell, I hope someone put him right and they actually made it to Jack Del 10 and its vita particles. They deserved to, and if Blake doesn't like it, he can stay on board.

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