Nico (vilakins) wrote,

Birthdays and huge balloons

I'm hopeless at remembering birthdays, but:

Happy Birthday to quarryquest, megpie71, and for that matter, my sister-in-law Elenka..

It's Greg's birthday next weekend and he wants to go down to Hamilton again (this time by car) for a river cruise on the paddle steamer Waipa Delta followed by the lit-up Balloons over Waikato in the evening. Sounds great to me. They even have a Darth Vader one (look under Special Shapes -> 2008) which probably won't show up at night though.

This thought cheers me up because today was also the day daylight saving ended, a sure sign that autumn is here and winter is on the way, damn it. Down here it's long, grey, wet, and has no bright spots in it unlike most of your winters. [envies] The only good thing I can think of is that there are no flies or mosquitoes. I cling to that small silver lining.

Tags: birthdays
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