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Multi-fandom toons

Annie Wortham and Leah Rosenthal of Ashton Press (they wrote the Bizarro zines and edited lots of other high-quality zines for Blake's 7 and other fandoms, now mainly SG1) have posted new cartoons to their Toonarama site. Most of these are done in what I think of as their Bizarro style but the first shows a realistic Blake, Avon, and Vila (as in their serious zine illos) reacting to their cartoon versions; very cute.

They cover a lot of fandoms and some very strange crossovers. My favourites (in order as they appear on the page) are:

Star Trek: DS9 (Odo-jello)
Star Wars (Darth Vader funeral pyre)
Babylon 5 / Lost in Space (the robot and Lennier)
Babylon 5 (G'Kar and Londo)
Star Trek: TNG (Troi's 'feelings')

[Edit] Fixed the broken link, sorry.

Oh, and I also love the SG1 / X-men fishing one. Not only is it funny, the caption is so Jack.
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