Nico (vilakins) wrote,

Avon's Butchery and copycats

When we went down to Vilagrad last weekend, the train passed Avon's Butchery in Glen Innes. I was too lazy to get the camera out to snap it on the way back so I went down this week and took a picture from the railway station car park. So while Vila has a winery, Avon has a butchery; seems appropriate. BTW the guy who runs it really is called Avon; it's his first name.

There is also a picture of the girls being copycats again in the exact same position, taken on the same day.

Avon's Butchery in Glen Innes. Note the ham. ;-)

Avon's shuttle (his van parked beside it). The number plate is MEAT4T - "meat for tea" which here is pretty much interchangeable with "meat for dinner".

"Best paw forward" - the girls being copycats again

Tags: cats, claudia, photos, tessa
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