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Steam train and Vilagrad photos

Here are some photos from the steam train trip to Vilagrad and back last Sunday.

The steam train at the Strand station in Auckland

Homeless on the far platform. They have furniture people have dumped including a couch and armchair, and this guy has a healthy-looking dog. The only trains that leave or stop at this station now are special excursions ones, though others pass through. The buildings are historical (for here) and protected so it's good shelter over there.

Bridge over the Waikato River near Ngaruawahia. This is the river that starts at Lake Taupo that I posted a lot of holiday pictures of (Huka Falls, rapids, river cruise).

The Delta Tavern at Ngaruawahia. We knew it was coming up so Greg got a picture.

Main covered area at Vilagrad. I was sad to see they no longer have the Vilagrad-branded chairs.

Our table with the two of the lovely guys we had lunch with. The two facing the camera had matching gold chains. :-)

The three brothers as shown in the brochure I acquired there: Jacob the winemaker, Adam the MC, and Kristian the chef. Jacob (the most Vila-like one) has cut his hair very short and grown a beard, and isn't now.

Jacob the winemaker in the brochure: a bigger picture than that on the website so I can see it's him and not his father as I'd thought. He looks rather like a Restal here.

The Vila Brothers performing for us: from left, Jacob the winemaker, Adam the MC, and Kristian the chef (obscured) in his working clothes.

Adam and Jacob

Engine plate--with steam

Train at Hamilton Station

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