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Hostage (208)

Oxygen deprivation and inappropriate kissing.

I'm not that keen on this episode so I put off watching it and though I finally did three days ago, I've only just got round to writing a review. But I have watched 'Countdown' already, so I should catch up this week.

Plot holes
Why didn't the Liberator fire on the pursuit ships that waylaid them at the beginning? They have good firepower, so why were they so defensive?
Why did Avon think that Servalan would get to Exbar ahead of Blake? He knows the Liberator can beat anything the Federation has, and even if Servalan had arrived first, she was more likely to join forces with Travis in order to trap Blake.
Why was Joban even in the episode? What purpose did he--or the massed attack at the beginning--serve in the plot?
Why did Ushton put on a limp? As an excuse for not attempting to rescue Inga?
[Edit] I edited too much out of my original document including my query why, if it was his first name, did Travis use it? If it was to avoid two Blakes, then why didn't they just make him Blake's mother's uncle?

Crap science
OK, apart from being the usual waterless planet that could not support life--after all, one can assume, in some cases anyway, extensive cloud cover, this one is so small that atmosphere starts to dissipate at the top of small rises, and the crimos have to wear thermal suits and breathing apparatus. Yet Inga wears next to nothing, and she, her father, and our heroes don't seem to have any trouble breathing.
Was that shot of Molok exploding the same as the Vargas one? [rolls eyes] Bodies don't actually do that in vacuum.

Blake's boyhood and family
I can accept that Exbar was a sort of open penal colony which relatives could visit as it would be a nice means of showing impressionable young citizens what happens to those who don't toe the line--not that it worked on Blake. However it does show where he got some of his outdoor skills like making fires and cooking the local fauna.
More puzzling is Uncle Ushton's name; shouldn't he be Blake too? I did once infer from this that names are passed through the female line--which makes sense as one can be sure of one's lineage n that side--but I was told that other episodes contradict that.

Inga and the kiss
Ah, yes. People assume she is about 20, but even if she's 25, Blake is at least 34 (see 'Weapon') so there's about a ten-year age difference. If Blake was a teenager, Inga certainly wasn't. However I can interpret her meaning a lot to him as him feeling protective and fond of a small child.
But then there's the kiss. However it was fairly chaste, and when I was a small child I had to kiss relatives and friends on the lips (which I hated) so maybe it's a holdover from a similar custom for children in their family.

Jenna and Cally
They're relegated to teleport duty, but they do very well when Molok teleports up. Go, them!
And I do like the fond smile Jenna gives Vila when he asks for a hand warmer.

Not a well Delta
Vila behaves so badly in this ep, I was driven to write an explanation
for his panic and lack of any attempt to break out of the room being evacuated. He does try to resist and defy Travis. A bit, anyway.
Why did he doze off outside though? Was it so cold despite the thermal suit that he got hypothermia? The 'pins and needles' at the end drew a cry of disbelief from me, but Greg said it's a symptom of recovery from oxygen deprivation. Fair enough, but why was Vila affected when Avon and Blake weren't? He does look very ill at the end, so perhaps he was actually injured by Molok and Avon.

Um... polystyrene rocks, nets, and bear traps? Not one of the better fights. I suppose one could put it down to low gravity and, yes, oxygen deprivation. I do try to explain these things, you know.

A low point.
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