Nico (vilakins) wrote,

Holiday pics: River cruise and an Ent

This is the last lot, until I spam you with photos of steam trains and Vilagrad Winery from our trip tomorrow.

You can go on a river cruise from the Aratiatia Dam to the Huka Falls. We were amazed to find Florrie was one of the passengers--and that she and her two friends were staying in the apartment we were in last year. Huh.

She was a game old bird, standing up in the bow for a good view with one of her friends.

Huka Falls from the river, with the jetboat in front

River bank with native flora

River bank with toetoes (pronounced toy-toy), those lovely plumey things

Ent in Tokoroa, a timber town on our way back. Well, we thought it was.

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