Nico (vilakins) wrote,

Holiday pics: Aratiatia Rapids

The Aratiatia Dam lets water flow for about 15 minutes every two hours during the day, turning a rocky chasm into impressive rapids. We liked this so much, we watched it three times. Unfortunately, I let Greg take most of the pictures, and he did almost all close-ups "because ones of the whole thing didn't look very impressive in the viewfinder". Well, no. It's a small viewfinder. He took over 50 and hardly any of them are any good. Sigh.

Therefore these are a mix of some I took earlier in the week and the best ones Greg took.

Aratiatia Rapids before and after.

Aratiatia Rapids still filling up

The dam and the bridge you can also watch from, pre rapids

It's mostly rocks.before the let the water go

At full flow

Dam and rapids at full flow

Looking straight down. One of Greg's many close-ups, but I like the colours in this one. You can see the bubbles that give the very clear water its turquoise colour as it reflects the sky.

Tags: holiday, photos
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