Nico (vilakins) wrote,

Holiday pics: mainly Lake ones

Another instalment of holiday pics. One of them is unnervingly like this icon, made from a picture I draw for NaArMaMo.

Boiler on the steamboat 'Alice'

Boat harbour from the 'Alice'

91-year-old Florrie the Bull-Fighter on the 'Alice'. The animated film of her and her twin sister Pearl's experience at 80 is a favourite of ours. I never thought I've meet her once let alone twice. Sadly, Pearl died three years ago.

Lake Rotoaira, south of Lake Taupo, discovered during our drive around it.

Beach at Kinloch. For some reason this reminded of childhood holidays--and look, it's very like the summer picture I draw for NaArMaMo in 2006! It must be a scene I remember.

Greg in fishnet stockings by the lake! OK, it's the sun through the metal mesh table. I'd seen an old man sitting there a couple of days earlier, quite oblivious, and didn't have my camera, so we went back and restaged it. ;-)

Tags: holiday, photos
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