Nico (vilakins) wrote,

Holiday pics: Itinerant Germans, the museum, and a cat

Here's the next lot. Only a three more small posts to go now. :-P

Amish drinking cappuccinos? No--they're itinerant German carpenters in traditional costume, out here for experience and a working holiday.
[Edit] They're journeymen! Thanks to daiseechain for the term I was groping for.

Museum garden

Elisa Emma King's Botanical Display - done for the Crystal Palace in 1851, this is an exquisite collection of skeleton leaves, fruits, and flowers which took her from March 1850 to January 1851, in her late 20s, to create.

It was a time-consuming task and it is probably that the plants were soaked in rain water for up to two months before the painstaking job of removing any remaining plant membrane began.

The cat came back! The gorgeous Birman who visited us last year sauntered up to our door and was invited in.

And she made herself at home for a few hours.

I was sorry to put her out when we went out later. She watched as we left; awww.

I have two more pictures of her from last year's holiday here.

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