Nico (vilakins) wrote,

Ladyhawke and the influence of a certain thief

I have just finished watching Ladyhawke. Ah, but Rutger Hauer was a hunk, and hee, Rumpole on the ramparts, as Greg said! I did not however recognise Alfred Molina as Cezar.

entropy_house was right about Mouse being very Vila-like (apart from his constant bargaining with God and inveterate laying--Vila is peculiarly honest that way). His hand gets stood on, he pretends to be several men in the woods, and damn, there was a third thing which escapes me now. [yawns] But hey, it's time for bed and we're going to the Mexican place for a huevos rancheros breakfast tomorrow. :-)

[Edit] I think the third thing was Mouse being called 'little man' several times. As snowgrouse points out, Kerril calls Vila 'little man throughout City.

Tags: films
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